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End-to-end automated solution used by the biggest Brokerage firms in Greece. Designed to fully support all backend activities with speed, security and reliability. Its state of the art fully customizable and scalable technology, make it best-in-class software.

Multiple stock Exchanges / Multiple sub-accounts per exchange

Integrated portfolio management infrastructure

Full Margin Account integration

Data analysis for segmentation, statistical analysis, report building with full export capabilities in excel


Automatic clearing transactions and reconciliation with SAT


Automated Management of Corporate actions & Public Records


Fully customizable reports


Direct statements confirmation via Fax / Email


AntiMoney Laundering Transaction Monitoring System


Real time customer balance view


Ability to maintain multiple accounts

End-to-end automated & fully customizable
Fast reliable & scalable
With enhanced security


  • NewTON with the basic principle of full KYC support but also of the analysis of the trading activity of the customers dynamically generates AML Reports for monitoring and reporting suspicious activities as directed by local and international bodies.

  • NewTON fully and successfully supports the update files of the above obligations to AADE.

  • NewTON fully supports all services that a modern brokerage firm will need such as:
    - Backoffice services with support of different products, exchanges, multiple
    - Coins and multiple accounts on a single platform and a single customer location
    - Management of Public registrations and Corporate transactions (dividends, capital returns
    - AMK, split/reverse split, mergers, etc.)
    - Greek and foreign custody with transaction, clearing and safekeeping services - Portfolio management
    - Full coverage of the needs arising from the regulatory provisions of MiFID and the Capital Market Commission

  • The program provides the ability to track multiple portfolios and currencies per client. It also provides the possibility of aggregated (per client) or detailed (per stock exchange and currency) monitoring of clients' financial instruments.

  • The application fully covers all of the obligations and reports of an investment services firm to the supervisory mechanisms, through static and dynamic searches and reports for all reporting periods.

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