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The ultimate real-time voting solution that supports votes of General Assemblies, Boards of Directors, etc. -in person or online- through an application on your mobile phone or computer

Feed-results in real time

Voters identification to ensure results validity

Votes encryption to ensure confidentiality

Real time results and statistics


Security and reliability


Real-time input during the voting process


Supports at the same time multiple ways of communication with the voters (email, sms, hybrid)


Enhanced security with two-factor authentication


Verified with electronic signature for vote integrity reasons


Use of digital signatures to ensure vote integrity

Secure and reliable

Verified & certified results

Easy to use & fully customizable

Simple, user friendly online voting experience

Industry specific expertise

Self-administered or fully managed elections all provided with professional services and custom voting technology


  • YES, files are automatically entered into the system Excel that include those who can participate in voting as well as information that identifies them (email, mobile phone). The topics to be voted on are also introduced single choice (eg YES, NO) and multiple choice items (eg voting for board members).

  • YES, any change that needs to be made is done in real time time. It is possible to add or modify a topic as well as the ability to add or modify available ones options to be voted on.

  • The counting of the votes and the publication of the results are immediate and valid, while the process of registering and reading the results clear and very easy for users.

  • Both single voting for all issues of the General Assembly and separate votes for different issues of the same General Assembly are supported.

  • There is full possibility of either reprogramming the of votes of either time extension or change of time margin of these.

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