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Greek listed companies preferred software for their share registry support. It is fully customizable and scalable to meet different clients’ needs. Offers ease of use, speed, reliability and safety.

Share registry monitoring (customer profile, actions, balances, etc.)

Support of all corporate transactions (dividends, Share Capital increases, free shares distribution, Split / Reverse Split etc), with configurable elements

Real time access to statistics - export to excel

Annual General Meetings and e-voting (physical / electronic) support through our e-Voting application - Complete security system with operator levels and permissions per program


Enhanced security with operator & permissions levels


Support for all types of securities (registered, anonymous, common, preferred)


Customizable statistical reports for upper management / board meetings


Coverage of all periodic information work by the Central Securities Depository (CSD) regarding the purchase and sale of shares and the updating of the shareholders' book (companies listed on the ATHEX)

Easy to use & fully customizable
Fast & Reliable


  • YES, the system supports all corporate operations through files received from the repository. For example, supports: Shareholding Files, General Meetings, Distribution Dividend, Fractional Balances, Distribution of Rights, etc.

  • The share register of companies is monitored for those listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, through a shareholder file obtained from the Central Securities Depository upon completion of the clearing of transactions (Trade Date + 2), while for non-listed companies through the relevant share purchase and sale records of the share register department of the company.

  • All information about movement data, transactions, dates, details of shareholders (new or existing) etc. are available at any time. At the same time through multiple reports are generated.

  • Statistics are available through multiple reports and their parameterization is possible, quickly and easily depending on the needs of the accounting departments.

  • The support of remote General Assemblies as well as conduct of the votes related to them is carried out at maximum, while at the same time the possibility of changes is also provided of the voting time limits as well as the related issues of votes.

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