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Open platform that supports fintech companies digital transformation

Customers digital onboarding

Investor Account opening

Documents uploading

Investment services agreements opening (with gov.gr authorization)

Customer - Investor suitability testing questionnaires

Opening an investment account

Target market definition

KYC (Know Your Customer) – customer profile update

Interface with gov.gr platform


Business digital transformation

Provision of upgraded user friendly, safe and fast services

Connection with gov.gr digital platform for the creation of authenticated documents

Economies of scale: time and costs reduction

Improved user experience

Reduction in the company’s ecological footprint

Fast & safe
Flexible and easy to use
Offers interconnection with gov.gr


  • On-boarding customers to the app is easy and fast. In any case, the necessary fields of customer data must be filled in (MiFID requirements), but the program provides the possibility of easy use and registration of the mandatory fields in order to carry out the on-boarding of the customer correctly and quickly.

  • The uploading of the customer's documents is carried out completely digitally, which contributes both to the creation of a digital identity of the customer and to the digital transformation of all related services.

  • All the above actions are carried out digitally while there is the possibility of digitally updating the customer details. By digitizing the entire process, many man-hours are saved, economies of scale are realized and time and money costs are saved.

  • Due to the avoidance of printing (documents, contracts, questionnaires, etc.), the company's ecological footprint on the environment is reduced, minimizing the need to use natural paper.

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