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  • ComPro SA with its innovative applications and solutions has been supporting the financial industry since 2000, offering fintech applications and digital solutions that cater for all customer needs.

  • Our goal is to create, provide and support solutions that support the ever-changing technological and regulatory needs of the financial industry.


Compro was founded in Athens in 2000 as a joint venture of U-Trade Holdings S.A. and Hitech Consultants A.E.


NewTON platform initial customers installations. The main feature of the program is the Unified Brokerage Platform (UBP), which allows the use of a single software for all the main operations of an ACP.


Stock trader reached the milestone of 100k customers


First company in the financial sector to develop and install in over 10 Investment Services Firms: integrated KYC and AML solution with full parametric coverage of all the requirements of the supervisory authorities.


Installation of NewTON UBPBusinessServer and NewTON RTMarginServer integrated multi-currency custody support and brokerage management platform in a credit institution


Activate NewTON RTMarginServer installation in credit institution.


Installation of NewTON UBPBusinessServer integrated multi-currency custody support and brokerage management platform


The provision of integrated, state of the art, secure and reliable, fintech applications and digital solutions

To become the point of reference in the provision of fintech applications and digital solutions


Our People

Our people are our greatest asset, which is why we make sure to foster a working environment of dialogue, trust, and development every day. Thus, involving them in programs and initiatives creates a better tomorrow and makes them stakeholders in every change.

Diversity And Teamwork

For us, teamwork is essential. No one can build and scale a company alone. Create interdependent teams that all work toward a common mission. The key word is “interdependent.” Just as individuals in a team must work in unison, so too must multiple teams work in unison.


Taking a simple approach doesn't mean your products or services will be unsophisticated. it just means that you will go about creating and implementing them in the most efficient way possible in terms of time, capital and personnel.


Our strength is our customers. With our specialized staff we design, develop and support in real time the needs of our customers. Long-term relationships of trust are proof of the quality of our services


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